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Hobbs and Burr - Dwarven bandits!

My, my, my!

So many double updates lately! Nina has been busy beavering away at creating the latest pages and thanks to her valiant efforts we've been able to show you guys more of the story and get you to the stuff we're *really* excited about!

Today's update is a pretty important one because it is the first time our two dastardly dwarven bandits have used their names!

So, meet Hobbs and Burr. These two are dwarven thieves/bandits on the run and looking to get back into the good books with their ex-colleagues.

I hope you've been enjoying the recent pages! As a quick reminder, please feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to share your thoughts or ask any questions (or use the comment system here on Smackjeeves, we don't mind!).

Thanks for all the support and comments so far everybody!

posted by Mark-Hulmes @ April 26th, 2013, 5:19 pm  -  0 Comments

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