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New Villain & Resumed Schedule!

Hi all,

Last week we resumed a regular upload schedule for LeLatte, and we're happy to see the comic back on track and people coming back to catch up!

Neither Nina or I were happy about not uploading for so long, however real life sadly got in the way in a number of ways. Both of us moved to a new city, new apartment, start new jobs, as well as tons of events, trips and loads of other things prevented us from being able to really commit to a schedule.

However, that should be all settled now and we're back and at a very exciting part of this initial arc in LeLatte's story!

Recently, we've been introduced to some nefarious characters in the town of Flintsbrook and on Page 21 we see who is leading this group! Mr H is a mysterious character and he will introduce Farris and LeLatte to a larger scheme going on in Tysus.

We hope you enjoy it and thanks again for sticking with us!

posted by Mark-Hulmes @ August 10th, 2014, 2:11 pm  -  0 Comments

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