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Sad News - No longer updating LeLatte

Hi everybody,

Sadly I have some bad news today as Nina and I have made the difficult decision not to continue with LeLatte.

I'm sure it's not gone unnoticed that we haven't updated the comic in a while and any updates we have made have been sporadic at best. With Nina working full-time with the Yogscast and doing artwork on a daily (quite intense) basis she has simply become too burnt out too continue working on the comic in her spare time.

In addition, Nina just hasn't felt connected to the Fantasy setting of the comic and whilst we both love the characters we feel the universe is too generic and traditional.

With me working on my own personal project, we don't feel we can commit to rebooting the comic right now, but we still love the characters and do have an idea for a new universe to set the comic in so who knows what the future holds.

We hope you understand and we sincerely apologise to anybody who feels let down or disappointed. This sucks, but we just feel it's for the best right now.

Thank you for all the support in the past, from just reading online to buying Issue 0 at various shows. We've loved meeting all of the fans and it's been an incredible learning experience for both us. Thank you, again, so much.

All the best,
Mark & Nina.

posted by Mark-Hulmes @ March 15th, 2015, 2:39 pm  -  0 Comments

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